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I think it would be easier to have the <previous next> buttons at the top and bottom of the pages to link to the next/previous page within that thread/topic. It just seems like it would be a lot easier to navigate and be used more than the option of jumping blindly into a different topic. If you wanted to keep that as an option, maybe have the page numbers between the previous/next options and put the thread swap buttons to the left where the page info currently sits.

Also, a "sub-forum search" would be a nice implement in the long run. Instead of using the redirected search button at the top, you could have a "Sub-Forum Search" button to the left or right of the "Replies/Views" and "Last Post" filtering options. For instance, you navigate to the Mixing/Mastering section, click the Sub Search button, a drop down menu opens with an "enter text" box with 2 simple options of checking "show threads" or "show replies", then hit a "Go" button, which automatically redirects with the filtered search results specifically in relation to the Mixing/Mastering section. I know that the search button at the top already can do this, but it requires a lot more user clicking. Not saying this is a huge deal, it just may help streamline the process for users in the future. I know vBulletin has this feature implemented and I use it quite often on other forums. Here's a small pic as a reference:

Keep up the good work! I really enjoy the simple/clean layout here.
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