Author Topic: Le Castle Vania, Madeon , Shm , Etc (Diamond Shape limiter technique)  (Read 3215 times)


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(sorry for my typos, very shitty keyboard writer).

(the video )

for years iv been trying to understand what methods.
check other forums but people barly explain the technique but take educated guess's.
i want to know if anyone knows how to do the diamond shape brick limiting mix/master
style which many artists when you drag there songs into izotope or other stereo imager
that have the liss diamond graph.
basically its completely perfect no bleeding.
everyone so far has told me its panned, widen to be perceived loud.
yes i get it.

i'v tried replicating it with le castle vania video he released a few years ago but of course no one shows a tutorial on how it gets done.


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Get a good stereo mix with contrasting sounds in the L&R channels+a lot of side info.
Than hard limit/clip the master and you'll get to see a diamond on your vectorscope.
You shouldn´t be aiming for perfect a diamond perse, just make sure it sounds good.