Author Topic: First release for a new experimental musician/designer community - TNP001  (Read 2201 times)


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I've been working pretty hard with a few other people to put together a music/graphic design promo channel/community called The Netroom Project. Our goal is to release a free album full of music from lesser known electronic musicians with album art made from lesser known graphic designers every month. Instead of struggling to promote ourselves on our own, we figured there would be strength in numbers. We had our first release earlier this month with 17 tracks! You can find a mini-mix for the album as well as links to download and stream full tracks here:

It's a community-driven experiment, so if you like the concept, definitely stop by the reddit page here: and join the Discord server too: We'd love it if you submitted some work or got involved, or just came to hang out and talk!


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This is a really cool thing for you guys to do. I actually personally tried organizing a similar kind of community, but I personally just didn't have the time or resources, but this is really cool all the same, I'm going to have to check it out.