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Budget home studio
« on: April 19, 2017, 01:24:50 pm »
Hello to everyone!

I have dilemma that needs to be resolved. As I am not much experienced in this field I would very much appreciate You help.

To intruduce me self - I am musician from Belgrade (Serbia), I`ve studied composition, but after my studies unfortunately I worked in completely different fields (due to some personal isssues).
I am now slowly trying to get back in composing / producing.
Just to note - while I was composing I did it in old fashion way (paper and pen) I use Sibelius only for printing scores.
Now, I want to use Cubase also, for composing film or game music (but I am beginner in this field).

So, I am trying to make basic (budget) home studio, to save money as much as I can and to make something that I can start to work with.

I have EMU 1212M music card, which I bought several years ago, but did not use it.

Do You think I can use this music card, althought is little bit "old fashion" / out of date?
Can it do the basic job properly (normally) for starters?

I am planning to use this music card on this kind of computer (I dont have it, I will have to buy it):
PROCESSOR: AMD FX-4350 Procesor 4.2GHz AM3+
MOTHER BOARD: Asus H81M-K (Intel 1150)
RAM MEMORY: DIMM DDR3L 2x8GB 1600MHz Kingston HyperX Fury
HARD DRIVE: Seagate Barracuda 1TB

Something like that.
Is it ok?
Will it "match" with EMU sound card?
Will I have problem with latency?

I will also get a midi keyboard which is "piano like" as much as I can afford. I am thinking about:
M-Audio Oxygen 88, or
NEKTAR Impact LX88+

and studio headphones.

I am sorry if I wrote this little bit confusing...
I hope that I made important points: something normal to work with and cheap as it gets.

I also have some questions about music laptops, but I will potentionally point them afterwards...

Please help and many thanks in advance!!!

Chears  ;)
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Re: Budget home studio
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2017, 04:28:45 pm »
Of course you can with this config !
Hi !

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Re: Budget home studio
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2017, 04:53:46 pm »
Look i think it will be better of to just buy an audio interface !!! Don't buy it brand new, you'll waste your money!!
have a look on the web e you find thousand of them second hand!!

with the interface you can also connect the microphone!!! Which trust me will be very useful in a long run!!!

after you'll need a DAW and i advice ableton!!! cubase , yes you can, but ableton is more professional and good for sampling in the future!!!

If you want a piano!!! i advice an mpk (MIDI Keyboard, which you'll connect to your audio interface) !!!!

i have a few ideas for you, go and have it look !!!!