Author Topic: Making Softsynth Sounds vs Using HW Keyboard Presets (Nord Electro)  (Read 1885 times)


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I love sound design, I have many of my own sounds and presets. I am getting really fun and cool sounds but making sounds from scratch is so painful sometimes because it's like forcing inspiration out something that is so uninspiring. And a lot of the time the sounds I make are very strange ( - Yes that is a SINGLE sound)

I have SO many plugins (Camel Audio: Alchemy. Fabfilter: Bundle. Native Instruments: Komplete 9 Ultimate. Slate Digital: VBC, FG-X, VTM, VCC. Sugar Bytes: WOW 1/2, Vogue. XFER: Serum. Izotope: Music Production Bundle 2).
And I have had a MIDI keyboard and it just sits there. I'm just tired of laptops. It is fun for here and there but... I. Just. Want. To. Make. Music!

...And then it happened. The Nord Electro 5D - As soon as I touched the keys... And heard the sounds/presets I felt a feeling I hadn't felt in 14 years. The same feeling I felt when I first touched a guitar. The quality of these sounds... Is. Exactly. What I've been looking for. "Finally" I thought to myself, "I can focus on music"... Price tag reads $3500! AHHHHHHH!!!! "I must make this happen" I thought... "I must...". But then of course here I am with The question...

What do you think... Is it cheating to get this keyboard? I've gone through the presets of my synths, and I just can't seem to find the same quality. Is it placebo? Is it in my head? Am I just so deep down the rabbit hole of computer music and sound design that I have lost my mind and I just need to keep going? Can these sounds be recreated on a computer? Should I just get a better MIDI keyboard and finish what I started or do you think I have truly found the missing piece amidst all that I have been doing?

Thoughts?... Feelings?

With love... Dhji


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Re: Making Softsynth Sounds vs Using HW Keyboard Presets (Nord Electro)
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2017, 06:12:51 am »
Presets will always be presets man, its the best to learn how to make and shape sounds and study synthesis

or you can get great at tweaking presets....

Also its best to use equipment or software that you KNOW and like, so maybe by your thinking you like the hardware

The best way is to copy presets and then try and go beyond and further than the preset.
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