Author Topic: Looking for a Partner to work with/learn from  (Read 3856 times)


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Looking for a Partner to work with/learn from
« on: March 01, 2017, 11:13:20 am »
Subject: I have multiple interest really, mostly in like Future Bass, D&B, Funk, Indiepop, SynthWave, really I hate this whole "genre" thing, I just want to make a track that has it' own personality. My Music on my Soundcloud is all experimental and when I first started you'll notice it was all rushed now I just have snippets, but my writing has improved a lot, I really only have 3 tracks that I would consider tracks

Artist Name: New Gravity
Years Experience: 2 Years, are they a good 2 years? kinda I learned a lot on my own
DAW(s): Logic Pro X
Genre: Future Bass
Other Genres: Future Bass, Drumste honestly, I don't know how to label the music style since the style I'd like to produce sounds so unique, example Grant, WRLD, San Holo, Oh Wonder, What So Not, Lemaitre, Manilla Killa etc
Third-Party Plugins Used: Serum, Massive, Spire, Expand2, Diva
Preferred Contact Method: PM me on the forums, or My Soundcloud or My Twitter (This is my personal but I don't mind really)

Previous Work: SoundCloud


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Re: Looking for a Partner to work with/learn from
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2017, 04:36:31 pm »
I would like to see what you've done recently :)
Edit: oh , i didn't see your soundcloud sorry
Hi !

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