Author Topic: A section based on promotion and ways to get people to listen to your music!  (Read 763 times)

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I due agree promotion has nothing do with technical music production, however promotion is very important if you want to success as an artist in this industry, not all the techniques to gain plays, views, etc are bad. With promotion you can help producers make the most of their talents to play festivals or get more popular. You will help a lot of artists, since they struggle a lot with this issue.


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we have a section of the Slack Chat where we talk about promo stuff here and there. i think that its good to learn about the industry side of it if thats what ppl need, but imo there are other spaces better suited to it than here - i like that this is just about making music!

's up to the admins tho so who cares what i think haha
check out the chat!! you can join here.


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Unfortunately, it also goes against the intended purpose of this forum. Mat Zo decided not to include promotional sections on here because there are thousands of other resources out there for promotion. In fact, the number of songs posted in the Finished Tracks subforum with 0 replies goes to show that this really isn't going to be the place to get people to listen to your music.

If you're really interested in talking about marketing and promotion with people from TPF, there is a channel on our Slack server, as eidolon mentioned. However, The Producer's will be about Producing, not about Promoting. We hope you understand. :)