Author Topic: I want to work on YOUR stuff  (Read 3468 times)


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I want to work on YOUR stuff
« on: January 19, 2017, 09:35:41 pm »
I always work on my own personal original projects and tend to stay in my own headspace, away from others, despite having experience working with others. Put simply, I want to work on some other people's projects. I want to work on your stuff. I want to remix something you've finished or I can help you complete something you are already working on!

Artist Name: Pzychosis
Years Experience: 7 years.
DAW: FL Studio
Genre: I'm pretty much open to working on any genre.
Other Genres: My personal taste, I don't tend to like Progressive House or Big Room House, but I'm willing to work with it still if it's good.
Third Party Plug-ins Used: I guess that's up to you?
Preferred Contact Method: Private message me here on the forum or on Soundcloud!
Previous Work: