Author Topic: In The Studio videos (again)  (Read 1600 times)


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In The Studio videos (again)
« on: January 14, 2017, 07:59:24 pm »
Mat Zo made an In-The-Studio thread a while ago that was super good, but that was ages ago. so post good In-The-Studio vids here! if we get enough videos i'll start a list.

i found these videos of Billain breaking down a few songs and they're super inspiring to me. a lot of drum and bass, specifically neurofunk, feels focused on sound design to the point of excluding all other aspects. Billain has insane technical chops, but also backs his music up with a lot of conceptual thinking behind his songwriting. the first two are more about sampling and his artistic process, while the third is more arrangement and work in FL Studio.
In The Studio with Billain
In The Studio with Billain 2
BILLAIN | Workflow Tutorial - Sample Genie
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