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Looking For Vocalist :)
« on: January 16, 2017, 08:56:45 pm »
Hi, I'm dalezya and I'm looking for a vocalist for a new song that I'm creating  ;D
It's a Future Bass Style  8)
Can be a man or a woman who can write anything (of course I will help you with the lyrics of the song ;) )

Well here you have more info about me:

Artist Name: Dalezya.
Years Experience: 4
DAW(s): Ableton (favorite) FL Studio, Logic.
Genre: Future Bass.
Other Genres: Chill Trap, Chill Step, Dubstep.
Third-Party Plugins Used: Too Many.
Preferred Contact Method: PM, Souncloud message, email.
Previous Work:

  • The BPM is 140 and the Key is F
  • For those interested just send a message and I will give you the demo of the song
  • Preferably have a good microphone
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