Author Topic: Constantly looking for singers  (Read 3128 times)


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Constantly looking for singers
« on: January 10, 2017, 12:42:46 pm »
Hi all,

just throwing it out there. I have bunchload of WIPs that might use a bit of vocal line in kinda near future. Thus if anybody is or know about a cool singer with a nice voice and at least a half-decent mic, I'm all ears. :) I'm interested in mellow voices that sound good while not screaming.

I'm not making any money by this hobby (actually shoveling quite a chunk of it into the production, as we all are), so can't offer much money yet. But I don't think music should be about money anyway. :)

I've done one proper vocal collab so far. So here's a proof I wouldn't destroy yours/theirs vocals too much. :D

Edit: ...just realized I'm breakign the rules already. Lemme fix that:
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