Author Topic: Welcome to the Collaborations Board! [PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING]  (Read 3707 times)


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"Collab, bro?"

Here's a subforum where you can post either a WIP or a personals ad and see if you can find someone to collaborate with you on a song or two. Maybe you'll find a new production partner, or two!

A few ground rules, just to keep things fair:

  • Look through the open collab posts before making one yourself! Even if you already have a song idea in mind, try to look for a project or another producer that you could work with. That way you'll be more likely to actually get a collaboration going, and we won't end up with a board full of unanswered requests.
  • Understand that sometimes, people you want to collaborate with don't want to collaborate with you. Sometimes, they've already found a partner. Sometimes, you might start a collaboration and find out that you have clashing personalities. Don't take it personally if you get rejected or have to abandon a project; try again with someone else or with a different song. Be polite, be respectful, and remember: we're all trying to make music here, so the more we work together the better it'll be for all of us.
  • If you can't find a collab, follow the rules in the other pinned post called "HOW TO POST A COLLAB", then wait for a response! Once you have a partner (or partners, if you're okay working as part of a trio or more), lock your thread so people know you're no longer looking!
  • Don't post more than one ad at a time! If your post hasn't gotten any replies, be patient! You can "bump" your post once a month to bring it back to the top of the listings if you've fallen off the first page, and I will be featuring a randomly selected open collab as a stickied post twice a month.
  • Have fun, and be open to new ideas. Use these collaborations as a chance to make new friends, learn new production techniques, network in a way that doesn't feel scuzzy and smily, and best of all to make good music!