Author Topic: Can someone please explain how Sunny Lax makes talking wobble bass shots serum?  (Read 2657 times)


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I'm trying to emulate this kind of style for my new tracks, what would you suggest I do using the LFO's, filters and envelopes in Serum to get something close?

Thanks for the help!

He uses them in the intros of both these tracks

Everything's A Lie

Anjunabeats, OMW!


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you can try maybe send him a message if you really want to know lol
he has sylenth and spire essentials packs, look for some ideas or patterns? dunno about serum
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Hey, not sure if you have found anything yet but I do know he also uses serum. He also recently put out a presets pack on Freshly Squeezed. It has alot of good patches in there and after deconstructing them you can kind of get an idea of how he makes some of his basses. He is very heavy with the modulation