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TL;DR: This file, remix it and share it with your fans. Why? To raise awareness about this case. :) TQ


(noun) kleptocracy: rule by thieves.

Hi Guys, this post is not to inspire you but to ask you to use your music to inspire others and raise awareness about an important issue.

Some of you might have heard about this recent indictment by the US Department of Justice related to Malaysia's 1MDB development fund.

You might be thinking: "This is in Malaysia, why should I care?" You should care because this kind of global corruption hurts everyone, not just the citizens of Malaysia.

Just how far do the tentacles of this corruption reach? Leonardo DiCaprio got entangled. Paris Hilton got entangled. Alicia Keys got entangled. EMI and SONY got entangled. Goldman Sachs got entangled, along with many of the world's top banks. The United Nations Foundation got entangled. Malaysia's top official and his stepson are the key players. Hundreds of millions of swindled dollars have been wasted on making hollywood movies, casino gambling, yachts, jets, shopping, and who knows what else.

For more background info, please see: 1MDB: The inside story of the world’s biggest financial scandal.

Unfortunately, this kleptocrat controls everything in Malaysia (most citizens are too scared to say or do anything) and there's no way he's going to step down, not with his neck on the line. There are real fears he might start copying what Erdogan is currently doing in Turkey, once he gains new security powers on August 1, 2016, via a controversial new law.

Here's how you can help with your music: Raise global awareness about what this kleptocrat is doing by remixing this audio file of the US DOJ indictment and sharing your remixed song with your fans. For example: Here's something I made/remixed from the audio file of the US DOJ indictment: CLAPTOCRACY (ft. Loretta Lynch).

The more awareness there is, the harder it becomes for this kleptocrat to keep doing funny stuff like this latest suspected bailout. So please remix this audio file and share your remixed work with your fans.

The audio file was extracted from this Youtube video, quality is not the best but it's usable (160kbps MP3). US government works automatically enter the public domain, so there shouldn't be any copyright issues with remixing the audio file.

In any case, I believe the US DOJ would actually like more people to be aware of what this kleptocrat is doing, so we are doing the DOJ a favour by remixing the audio file and exposing more people to this important issue. If they don't want us to, I'm sure they will ask us politely to stop.

Understand that you could get into trouble in Malaysia by taking part in this. For example, you and your music could get banned in Malaysia. Artists raising awareness about this kleptocrat are constantly harassed by the police and threatened with jailtime. Websites reporting the truth about this kleptocrat are routinely blocked. Even Medium, the sister site of Twitter, got blocked. If you're living/working in Malaysia, for your own safety it's probably best you don't participate in this remix project--if you're brave, then more power to you but please be careful.

So, yeah please think carefully before you decide to participate--but I hope you do join in and do something cool with this. Choose to make a difference with your music today. Just realize there's no glory in doing this, more likely just harassment from those trying to hide the truth.

Ultimately, though, isn't this what music making is all about? About trying to make a positive difference with your music, no matter how small that difference may be? If our music helps to make even ONE more person aware about what this kleptocrat is doing--job done.

Thanks for participating. Please post your remix here too.

Cheers, zuddox
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please provide a tldr


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please provide a tldr
TL;DR: This file, remix it and share it with your fans. Why? To raise awareness about this case. :)