Author Topic: Welcome to WIPs! (please read before posting)  (Read 21210 times)


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Welcome to WIPs! (please read before posting)
« on: January 06, 2016, 02:35:49 am »
Welcome to WIPs! This sub-forum will be used for sharing and getting feedback on all of your WIPs (work in progress).

Please give feedback to get feedback. Before posting your own track, reply to 2-3 other posts. Try to be constructive in your responses.

If you have updated your song, please update your post instead of re-posting your song to avoid clutter!

Please post your songs on Soundcloud (or other audio sites) and then link here. If you are using SoundCloud, use the provided tags:
Code: [Select]
[soundcloud]public or private link here[/soundcloud]
If you cannot upload to a third party site, please upload directly only in mp3 format.

When posting, try using this format in the subject: Song Title | Short comment about song if desired


EDIT: If you see a post with 0 replies, try and help them out. They probably need the feedback more than anyone else - Mat Zo
EDIT: Added the info about the new soundcloud tags - Ninth Parallel
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