Author Topic: iZotope has released a "game" to help producers practice and improve audio skill  (Read 2240 times)


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The "game" in question is called Pro Audio Essentials ( ) and is described as, "...a game-based course for music producers to practice and improve their audio skills. This unique learning experience uses audio games, ear training, and videos to build the production skills that music makers use every day when recording, mixing, and mastering."

What are your thoughts on this?


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Got kinda bored with it. It seems like a cool way to train your ears of course but the best way to improve audio skill imo is to just do it in a real situation.

Kind of reminds me of those ear training apps for intervals or chords. They're fun to do and everything for practice but learning actual songs by ear is much more practical.
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Cool, nice find. I'm going to play around with this! (Musical Project) (Composition/Sound Design)