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Mutiple aliases question
« on: January 25, 2016, 04:47:00 pm »
Hey guys, loving the new site. Biggups to the team that put it together, seems to be really slick.

This question was geared for producers who have made some noise and have been in the game for awhile (maybe 6-8 or more years of experience). I was just curious as to if you think multiple aliases for an artist in today's market is ABSOLUTELY necessary if they produce a variety of different styles. I think its obvious to have different outlets for your blistering dnb rollers as opposed to your fire collection of melodious elevator music, but if there are some that crossover in terms of tempo/composition but still retail style, should you really have multiple outlets? Sorry for semi-vent, just sitting on a heap of multi-genre tunes and looking to get them out in the near future.