Author Topic: Workflow & Inspiration Tips :)  (Read 1412 times)


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Workflow & Inspiration Tips :)
« on: January 10, 2016, 06:44:46 am »
I'm not some big time producer, but I have found certain things that have helped me throughout the years that I want to share! :) Feel free to share. Not ordered by effectiveness, just by what comes to mind.
1. Move around. If you ever feel like your brain is kind of blanking out on ideas, just get up for awhile, Walk outside. And if you can, actually go out to somewhere completely different, Friend's house, hotel, etc. (Granted I don't do that second part too much because I prefer not too waste money I don't have on hotels, but if you can go somewhere different and write, do it!)
2. Listen to similar music when you don't know what direction to go towards. Get inspired bruh.
3. Simply lifting your head, looking directly up, and closing my eyes. Maybe do some slow head spins. Kind of joggles the mind and gives a feel for your thoughts. (Might just be a me thing.)
4. If you play a physical instrument (I do piano), do some improv, push your self around playing in a way you've heard similar to the style, maybe just something completely different to open up for other ideas.
5. Play a game, preferably a good soundtrack to it. I'm personally not really a gamer, I suck at games so I can't for the most suggest too many games to chill out too. Don't do something to full of stimuli, keep it simple so it's more mind clearing. Maybe a good indie game so it's more relaxing, but keeps your mind thinking.
6. Set yourself to take a nap, then have have an alarm set to wake yourself up right before (try to guess how long it takes you to sleep.) Get it just right, and your brain will most likely be rushing full of ideas to put down. People have more ideas when going to sleep.
If you got any tricks you want to suggest, put em down below :)
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