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Hey guys,

I'd like to put together a short course covering music theory fundamentals, tailored specifically to electronic dance music producers (of all genres, from Big Room, Progressive House and Trance, to Future Bass, Drum ’n’ Bass, etc.).

I’ve put together an outline, and was hoping you wouldn’t mind taking a quick look and leaving comments in the Google Doc on what you think would be useful, what I've missed or what is should be dropped?

If interested in helping out, please let me know below and I'll PM you the link..

hi :D i'm not familiar with the original at all but i enjoyed the intro overall, althought i think the instrumental could be louder. A big synth stab right at the drop would make it more powerfull in my opinion even tho it seems generic. i'm really new to production as well so i can't say much about the technical aspect of mixing an entire track but you can definetely make it better by experimenting new sounds to fill out some gasps/emptiness in your tune !
Finished Tracks / SIZER - Just For You
« Last post by sizer on Today at 07:24:13 am »
Ok so I'm starting a new project. I was doing music before and people in my ''entourage'' would know me as a dj and producer and even would call me by my stage name.

 All that was fine, but here's the thing. They would all support me in what I did, but no one would even listen to what I was doing or posting. I was doing this for myself and my 80 soundcloud followers, so I decided to call it quit with that ''alter-ego'' dj I was.

 I decided to start a new, anonym project called Jafari, where I would put music out without showing my face, so people would only listen to my music becaus they like it and not becaus Kevin (me lol) was doing something different.

 So I need u guys help since I can't ask my friends since I don't want them to know that I'm Jafari. I have a facebook page, and if you guys could go like it or go follow my soundcloud it would mean the world to me and I would be more than happy to do the same for those who will help.

 Like most of us on this forum, my ultimate goal is to live of what I love, music production and If you guys are kind enought to help some of your fellow bedroom producer to really get him starded, it would be extra nice.

 Thanks who those who have red this, and feel free to post the link to your soundcloud in the reply's and I'll go check it myself :)


welcome to the forum Bobby Vermillion! it's cool that you've jumped right into discussion, always great to have more people talking on here.

we also have a Slack channel/ chat where some people on here talk about making music, link is in my bio. lookin forward to your contributions!! :)
Finished Tracks / Braden - 2m [Electro]
« Last post by Braden on Today at 02:03:09 am »
Hey everyone! I just released my second single apart of my upcoming album. Let me know what you think!
WIPs / Re: Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
« Last post by djdillyc on Today at 01:30:07 am »
I agree with the above comment. Maybe at about 42 seconds you could have some silence or take out some elements. That way it'll come back and hit harder. I can almost here the silence at 42 seconds, some kind of cool whoosh effect (play around with different fx samples) and then the bass and drums hitting harder. Even more groove to the rhythm could be cool. I hope that makes sense!
WIPs / Re: Prog Trance 4.17 (Almost done)
« Last post by djdillyc on Today at 01:25:18 am »
I really like the vibe. When the song first started I was immediately intrigued. I like the pluck that plays throughout. I think the lifter before the breakdown sounds a bit too harsh (but maybe it's just me). The mini build a few seconds before 2:00 is good. But maybe it needs something else after like a crash. Although, adding a crash can be too cliche. But if it works it works. This song has a nice chill vibe to it and those are minor things I would work on.
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