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Hi man !
First of all i don't think you should compare yourself too much to the point where you doubt yourself way too much and you end up hating what you're making. I definitely feel you when you say that everything you make is corny, but i guess thats just the procedure of getting better at music production. I've been producing for the past 7months so maybe this coming from me doesnt mean anything. Meanwhile you're still producing and getting better at it without really noticing i guess. Maybe you should try to get better at sound design, how to get better textures out of your sounds/samples etc.
All i can say is that, in 2 years you made 37 tracks. I made one that i'm barely proud of in 7 months basically through all the learning. I think you can be proud about that already its a good start if you're not having any troubles with finishing tracks and arranging them :)

Just keep producing, keep being curious about how the artists that you look up to are doing their things and you'll learn bunch of new shits on and on !
peace dude
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Mixing/Mastering / Auditory loudness?
« Last post by Lazy Fox on Today at 05:42:45 am »
I have a weird question about loudness.

I was mastering a track that I made, and the LUFS value was 3~4, which is way too loud.
And I measured professionally mixed track's LUFS value, and it was 4~6, which is proper value.

But... My track sounded smaller!
... what the hell?

Why is this happening and
How can I fix this?
...or is this an ear-confuse that I've heard too much of my track?

(For reference, the measuring device was WLM Meter, and I measured the drop part only.)
Hey Everyone, I thought this would be the best place to ask this, so here we go.

I have been producing for a solid 2 years, and have released about 37 tracks over that time (500ish hours of studio time).  Obviously when I first started I struggled a lot but over time I was able to get a little bit more comfortable and my mixes seemed to get better. I would say within my first year I grew a ton as a producer however, this last year has not been near as good (In my eyes).  I pretty much only make chill music, to include Chillstep and Melodub sometimes, as that is what i enjoy producing the most.  I run in the circles of Sappheiros, Cash, Day 7, Reclaimed and a few others.  All of these other producers I mentioned are exceedingly better than I am and though they support my music, I feel as if they do it just to be nice...  Many of these guys have collabed or have worked on collabs among each other, however, any time that I have asked about doing a collab, they say they are busy and that "now is not a good time".  That bothers me a lot because I feel that no matter what I do, my music will never be comparative to theirs.  IMO, my music is very robotic, synthy, and that my melodies are very corny.  I have tried many avenues to counter this however, it never changes in the end.  At the time of making my tracks they sound good all the way through my project, but then about 2 weeks later, I listen back again and think "damn this sounds pretty bad". 

I guess what I am asking is, does anyone else have similar issues or am I just comparing myself to much-to much better producers?  Is being 2 years in and still struggling this bad normal?  Any thoughts or advice you can provide is greatly appreciated.  (Sorry for the long read)

Sound Design / Madeon Kick Processing
« Last post by Hymoki on August 16, 2017, 11:09:34 pm »
I've always been impressed with Madeon's drums, specifically his kick sounds. Whenever I process my own kicks, I pretty regularly use some of his own samples I have as a reference. There are a couple different things about his samples that I've noticed but have never been able to reproduce, and so I'm wondering if anyone else has any thoughts as to how I can achieve a similar result.

The first thing is his transients. Compared to other kick samples, his transients are ridiculously fast and snappy, so much so that the sub frequencies of the kick hit almost simultaneously to the top end. Here's a screenshot as an example:

I'm assuming a transient shaper is what's causing the 'snappiness', but whenever I use one (I'm using NI's shaper) on my own samples it ends up changing the tonality of the kick drum in a really undesirable way.

The other thing is the frequency response of the sample. What's different from a lot of kicks I use, is his aren't peaking at any one frequency nearly as much as mine do. Example:

With frequency response, my question is how can I reduce peaks in the low end in the most transparent way possible?
Finished Tracks / Delfino- Promisses
« Last post by Junior on August 16, 2017, 10:58:18 pm »
Hello guys.  ;D

I need a constructive criticism about my track.

Thanks for all.   ;D ;D
I started out messing with a ton of stuff but the first one I actually started really learning was Massive because dubstep. Once Serum came out I moved on (from both Massive and dubstep haha).
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« Last post by Servicewep on August 15, 2017, 12:02:16 pm »
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