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Depends where I'm going with it. I personally try to be a storyteller. I'll create a story or theme around what the album is, like my newest one (and my favorite :) ) Odd/yssey is entirely based around the story of a dying human race looking for a new life in space, and I started with that, and created what I felt fit the vibe it belonged to that. Kind of like picturing them as chapters in the story, but if you're going with just a kind of normal collection of songs album, Just make your music like you regularly do, and pull aside songs that you think sound good near each other, and put them aside in that album. Last method I do is just have long sessions or near the same time of making the music, so that way that way, that large amount of time, when making that music, you're still in the same kinda vibe so the album will more likely fit together better.

Honestly, best I can say is just take a second (or minutes) to reorganize. That's mostly it. Got two routes I prefer to go with. Literally just put all of it below the actually midi, patterns, and sounds. Or you can put anything automation right below what it's automating, link them, and shrink/minimize that clip. That's goodeenough for me at least.

Always loved Varien's Music Theory tutorial, I learned it before, but he teaches the basics of Music Theory really well.

Like Ocular said, doing quarter tones is overly difficult because of the piano setup, and as most said, you would have to create two synths. I did personally find an optimal way by linking the detune to a controller ( I personally set it to a button that is on my midi keyboard.) and set min at the normal chromatic scale and the max to the 0.5 as to reach all 24ish notes so every time I interchanged with notes in between chromatic notes, I pressed the button so as soon as I hit the key at the same time the note is a quarter tone above that. I've never actually made a song like this though, because like they said, even then, it is still pretty difficult and a lot of work just to get it to work.

Samples/Plugins/Software/Gear / Sample Creation Suggestions For Y'all?
« on: January 09, 2016, 07:50:15 pm »
Howdy There! So I've been working on a sample pack for a minute, It was originally for a remix contest for one of my tracks, but I'm pretty sure that's not going to work through, Not being popular and all!  :) What can you do? Anyways, I'm still going to work on the sample pack, and plan on giving it away for free, including on here. SSooo, main reason I'm going on like this is I wanted to know what most of you producers/djs are looking for? Could even be something just you specifically want. Personally I tend to just seek out drums and vocals, but I'm hoping to try catering to as many as possible, so I'm asking all of y'all! What kind of samples is everybody trying to get? Or maybe even presets?

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