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when i first started i sucked shit i couldnt even program a 4 by 4 kick drum lol

im not a professional but my music has taken a next level, I feel the music inside me but i dont have the knowledge yet to transfer it completely to a DAW, this is what i am stuck on atm

1. PRACTICE, you have to look and read everything, you have to be hungry for knowledge, I found that my skills increased when i put in more hours and watched how the professionals created their music. Practice everything, from arranging, creating a different snare build up, sidechain techniques, mixing.. re-creating a track you like, etc.
2. First you have to know the rules, then you can break them, that means that you have to copy some of the producers out there first, and then bend it to make it your own.
2. Learn Music theory, this is a must, because you have to write a catchy melody , i found that my favourite tracks were written in the minor chords
3. Limit yourself with plug ins, sylenth, massive and vengeance samples are what i enjoy using.
4. stay motivated by watching your favourite DJ, listen to their music, interviews, radio shows etc.
5. Producing is more valuable that djing, but also try to be a DJ also, its good to meet people, try play at a friend's party or something, and then try get a club gig, producing is much more important than djing remember!
6. Take breaks, its important to take time off the screen or you'll go crazy, go and play playstation, get some food, go and read something, exercise, etc and then come back.
7. Focus! you have to cut off distractions, dont go on social media too much and dont waste time by doing useless stuff, keep your eyes on the DAW 
8. Remember just have fun and be a sponge, soak in all the knowledge you can     

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