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Mixing/Mastering / Distortion until the Drums kick in
« on: April 28, 2017, 04:09:27 pm »
So when I make a beat in FL Studio, it will sound completely fine on my monitors and also fine in headphones etc. But when I play it in bad quality speakers, specifically my phone's, it gets this micro distortion. A distortion that you probably wouldn't notice if you didn't pay attention but that is there.

The thing is that this distortion happens only in the intro of the beats, when is just maybe 2 channels of omnisphere playing, or something similar to that. When the drums/the other voices enter, it disappears. It seems like, for some reason, when there is space in the frecuency spectrum, the program fills it with this little distortion or some shit.

I also get a micro distortion sometimes with the kicks, even less loud that the other one, but it makes the kick not sound 100% right if you really pay attention. And this one you kinda can tell in high quality speakers also, not just in the phone's ones.

I tried a lot of things about mastering and mixing, and i'm starting to think the problem is in the exporting of the file, but i don't know. Somebody with similar experiences or who knows what could be happening? It's driving me nuts.

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