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Mixing/Mastering / I need some serious help mixing ride cymbals
« on: March 10, 2017, 02:09:36 pm »
Hey, so I've tried layering, EQ notching out the harshness (I high pass everything 8khz up) de-essing, but somehow my cymbals always sound harsh or really weak. Anyone care to share the magic?

Sound Design / Re: Bass morphing for Progressive Trance
« on: December 12, 2016, 06:49:20 pm »
What do you mean through morphing sound. That's that really high sounding synth ? Similar to the ones which are included in this tutorial ?
Btw here's full track when you can hear more details(that's obvious but why not to give full length track to audition in this thread :))

No I know how to make formant bass, its more complicated to make morphing bass it kind of twists on itself and has a dubstep kind of wobble to it and sounds like its speaking, kind of like formant bass. Here is an example of what I made today, it involves using a lot of LFO's, phasers, flangers and automation. I can't quite get it to sunny lax's level but yeah

Hey guys,

 So I've been hassling you guys for help with professional sounding smooth white noise sweeps for a while now and I figured it out today, thought I'd make an imgur album for you in case you're interested.

Sound Design / Re: Bass morphing for Progressive Trance
« on: December 12, 2016, 07:32:34 am »
he's got a main bass going and a second bass with LFO to give that wobble effect i think

It's way more complex than that, I can get close but its super labour intensive, I have two seperate LFO's going and then two notch filters moving back and forth one in the low end one in the high end, then a shit load of EQ and FX after. I'm just looking for a more simple way, but I doubt there is one

Sound Design / Bass morphing for Progressive Trance
« on: December 11, 2016, 03:06:46 pm »
Anyone know any good techniques? I've been designing my own morphing bass in Serum and automating macros but I've heard reaktor is a good way to go, I'm trying to emulate sunny lax's new tracks like this one

So I want to bounce my tracks to audio but have the midi/plugin tracks backed up somehow in case I want to go back and edit the progression.


Sound Design / Re: How Do I Make This Stab?
« on: December 06, 2016, 04:16:23 pm »

Very quick percussion sounding stab. I'm not sure how to make it at all tbh. I plan on using either Sylenth or Spire for this, unless this sound may be done through a sampler instead?

It sounds very squarish, pluckish obviously. Idk if I should be using a synth or trying to find some sort of sample. If I am using a synth could someone give me some guidance on how it's done? If I am looking for a sample, what kind of sample am I looking for? A stab sound? A percussion sound and process it as a stab?

If I am making it in a synth, what specific parameters would I be modulating? I know about the quick ADSR, filter cut off, but anything else regarding the pitch?

Will appreciate any advice, thanks.

Ok, so I usually try to make pluck stabs kind of like that in my tracks but I use them more sparingly, usually I use Serum and then add some EQ and compression/reverb/distortion after. I can't completely replicate what you want but I can get the percussive pluck sound down no problem if you follow this (even if you don't use serum you can apply the lessons to spire/sylenth/whatever)

1. Set the envelope for your oscillator in your synth, quick attack, short delay, pretty much no (or none at all) sustain, almost no release

2. Select your wave, you were right a square wave is exactly what you want for a percussive pluck, I also like adding a sine in there as well

In this one I also added the sub oscillator on a square wave up an octave to add some melodic tones

3. I don't think you can do this in Spire or Sylenth but you could use LFO tool or something I guess but I automated the envelope to a low pass filter and adjusted it's range so that it shoots up into the higher frequencies quickly to grab tone and then shots back down as the decay and sustain go away, it really crates that "plonk" sound

4. Then I connected the envelope to the volume of the sub, oscillator 1 and oscillator 2 so like the low pass filter the volumes shoot up and then drop as the sustain and decay drop away

This just solidifies the quick punchy shot sound you're making

5. Add some FX to it, in serum I added a little hyper dimension, chorus, a multiband compressor to glue the sound together a little and then an EQ where I boosted and cut the frequencies that complimented the sound

6. Then I played with the FX chain in Logic

Thats what it ended up being.
EQ'd and cut bad frequencies and boosted the good ones

Added an overdrive boost, EQ'd the new sound again, used camel crusher to add a little British clean distortion, EQ'd again, added Noveltech Character to boost the high and mid frequencies, added a short plate reverb with the mix around 45%

Then I added OTT compressor depth of 70% and output up to 10

7. Add delay and reverb

I know its not super impressive but thought you could use it as a rough guide

I bounced the pluck to an mp3 and then closed logic without saving it and selected bypass audio unit plugins so it came out shitty and I can't recover it so imagine a niiiice tubey sharp pluck sound with just the most perfect subtle delay in the background and present yet awe inspiring reverb. Just majestic, take my word for it.

Anyways yeah have fun good luck

EDIT: Basically make sure you have the right waveforms, one of them should be a square wave and be the main focus. The make sure the envelope settings are appropriate like I said earlier SUPER FAST ATTACK, SHORT DECAY, NO REAL SUSTAIN, ALMOST NO RELEASE (just enough so it prevents that stupid click sound) Then it's all about EQ cuts and boosts, maybe a boosting plugin of some kind, a little distortion/saturation, reverb and delay.

You want a formant-y filter to create a tone, and a high pass filter to sweep the lower frequencies out and then back in. I found a preset in KiloHearts ONE that sounds fairly similar (though it's missing the sort of AM-y bubbly effect) - it uses pitched up white noise with a "Vox" filter that goes through various vocal formants, then a high pass filter with a really slow moving envelope.

That looks awesome! I don't have that synth though unfortunately and I don't want to buy one for just that one preset

use the filter and automation dude lol

Oh yeah never thought of that one....

That's what I'm doing lol, I want it to sound smooth like blowing wind and not exactly like white noise

Like in this track, it starts right on the riser

I'm trying to emulate this kind of style for my new tracks, what would you suggest I do using the LFO's, filters and envelopes in Serum to get something close?

Thanks for the help!

He uses them in the intros of both these tracks

Everything's A Lie

I'm trying to emulate this kind of style for my new tracks, what would you suggest I do using the LFO's, filters and envelopes in Serum to get something close?

Thanks for the help!

He uses them in the intros of both these tracks

Everything's A Lie

maybe try look at the preset packs by sunny lax or similar for ideas or inspiration
i think those anjuna basses can be made with combining saw waves, FM and applying FX for grit and a lot of tweaking for variety

Total noob question but what do you mean by FM?

All of my attempts sound clunky and not smooth, any tips on how he may have layered/compressed his sounds to achieve this sound?

Please assist its driving me bonkers!

Let me know what you think, be a dick if need be that's how I'll get better

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