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Should I use two microphones - one near the source (me), and one a bit further away capturing most of the reverb?

Ideally, yes. I'd use your SM7B for a close vocal mic, and then place an omni pattern mic 2-3m away at the same height.

If I have one mic, how far should I stand from the mic to capture both the dry and wet voice in a balanced way?  I own a Shure SM7B. Should I borrow a different mic for this with a different polar pattern for instance?

The 7B could still work, since the space has so many reflective surfaces. Standing back between 1-2m will pick it all up. If you have headphones on, then you'll be able to hear the voice/space blend, and then move until it sounds like you want.

Again, though, one mic for your voice, and one mic for the space will give you the best possibilities for getting just the right blend later when you're back in your studio.

myda, look into the Audient iD22. It's just in your price range, and a real upgrade.

Samples/Plugins/Software/Gear / Re: Is it time for new monitors?
« on: June 14, 2016, 01:05:41 pm »
myda, in the $1400 range are the APS Klasiks. You don't need a sub with them. Down to 35Hz.

I reviewed them at...

Finished Tracks / Re: Jorejuan - Deep Inside
« on: May 14, 2016, 08:26:18 am »
I like the processed "underwater" keyboard sound. It reminds me of Led Zepplin's "No Quarter."


To start with - from a legal perspective - it is vital a producer is aware that they automatically own the copyright to any instrumental they compose. If an artist then writes lyrics, and lays down vocals on the instrumental, the artist will own the copyright in the lyrics, as well as having performer's rights with regard to their vocal performance on the instrumental. So when a song is finally completed, both the producer and the artist will potentially own separate copyrights in the composition.

Well, from a legal standpoint, a lot of that is not true. While you do "own" the rights from the moment of creation, backing it up in court is another matter. It used to a common recommendation to just mail an envelope to yourself with an original recording, and the post mark would prove it.

In most cases, that will not stand up in any court. You need to file with the copyright office in your country.

Also, on the second part, if you make an instrumental composition, someone can not just come along and write lyrics over it, and lay any claim to your composition and recording. Again, file your music with the copyright office to avoid that ever happening. And if it does, you have some recourse.

I'm older than most here, I imagine. Here's some things I began to learn at different ages:

By 16 I already played a number of musical instruments.

17 I began learning how to work in recording studios.

25 I really got into computers.

28 I began martial arts. I've trained ever since, and teach as well.

28-35 Read about 3000 books.

30 I began learning Danish and lived in Denmark for quite a few years.

30 I began to learn to really cook. I've kept it up, and can cook about any cuisine.

40 I learned HTML, web design and publishing.  I still do that.

40 I really focused on learning the craft of writing. I still do that.

Along the way, I've kept up with music production and recording technologies every step of the way.

I think as I've aged, I've actually gotten better at learning with more focus.

Heck, sex even gets better.

Fear not. : )

There's a Japanese concept called "sh ha ri." It's the different stages of learning a craft and ultimately artistry.

With "shu" you copy and follow the tradition.
With "ha" you break from that.
With "ri" you no longer follow the rules—making up your own.

In the beginning, we all need to follow and copy—just to even get the basics under our belts.

After a while—years perhaps—you get tired of that, and want to start striking out on your own. Even that stage can take a good amount of time to fully develop.

Then you get to a point where you can totally throw it all out the window, and be driven by pure inspiration and passion.

Jimi Hendrix is a good example of this. In most people's book, he's the best guitar player that ever lived. Plus he was a huge innovator. But before he started playing with distortion and his own sound, he played as a backup player for many acts.

Same thing with the Beatles. They played covers for a number of years before ever beginning to write and record original music.

Cooking is similar. You follow recipes until you get a basic understanding of the techniques and processes. Then, if you want, you're free to create your own dishes without following any recipes.

I think most people start out copying. And I think that's a good place. But the problem I see often, is that many people don't ever really move past that to start creating their own original sound and approach.

That seems like the scary part.

Samples/Plugins/Software/Gear / Re: Monitors Placement
« on: April 29, 2016, 01:00:52 am »
That is why I am buying front ported monitors. But thanks for advice!

Look at page 9 for placement of rear-ported monitors. Even 5cm (2 in) is enough. You just don't want them pressed flat against the wall.

You don't need them toed-in that much. Even 5cm (2 in) away from the wall is enough. Info about it on page 9 at...

Samples/Plugins/Software/Gear / Who here needs some gear or software?
« on: March 25, 2016, 04:55:44 am »
You're not allowed to answer for yourself.

Nominate someone truly talented here who you feel has great talent.

A brother or sister who you think could benefit in their creative process.

A mic. Monitors. DAC. DAW. PLug-ins. Headphones. A Guitar. A kazoo. Bongos. Some acoustic treatment.

We can make it happen. I can make it happen.

Let's step it up.

R&A Graveyard / Re: Forum Giveaways
« on: March 25, 2016, 04:44:48 am »
Hi 9,

Here's what I did for 10 years. I didn't like the idea of people jumping through hoops. So, we just posted that people had to have 25+ posts during the month in the forums to qualify.

But, that was a different time.

These forums aren't here to raise hustle. They're here as a tool for people to make music.

I love that. I'm a purist.

I rez with the spirit that Mat started this community.

A few truths:

There are talented people out there.

Some of them would greatly have their creative endeavours enhanced by some gear.

It's not fair to say that the "world needs more talent" if we're not providing a way for the "talent" to have a few inspiring creative tools.

I could put $10K right now of gear into this community. To foster and excite creative people.

That's what I'm here for.

Let's keep talking.

Samples/Plugins/Software/Gear / Re: ADAM A7X vs Dynaudio BM6 MKIII
« on: March 24, 2016, 04:24:11 pm »
Hi Johnmode,

APS is a boutique company. They do have distribution in Finland/Sweden, but these aren't the kind of products you're going to see stocked at your local music store.

The APS Klasiks are close to the Dynaudios in sound, except the Klasiks have much lower frequency response. The ADAM have a bit less presence, and are a bit smoother than the Dyns or APS. I don't feel the build and sound quality of the lower-cost ADAM monitors are on par with Dynaudio or APS. AX7 go to 42Hz. BM6 to 40Hz. Klasiks to 35Hz.

Honestly, in that price range, the Klasiks are pretty much eating everything else for lunch.

R&A Graveyard / Forum Giveaways
« on: March 24, 2016, 04:05:07 pm »
I used to run some pro audio forums, and we gave away $30K worth of gear to members between 2002-2012.

Manufacturers are quite open to it, as it build good relationships.

If TPF is up for it, I could even arrange the first set of prizes.

TOF could do drawings and/or  song/remix contests.

We say ye, people?

I dig it. Reminds me 8-bit glitch.

You should check out I, Cactus

Stunning, TNAN! On all levels, composition, arranging, production, engineering, mixing, and mastering.

Enjoying this through an Audeze Deckard DAC and LCD-XC headphones.

Building a list of great new EDM and Chill artists. You're on it.

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