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Heyyy!! I recently released an EP, it was mainly as a bit of fun while I work on some more extreme/forward thinking things, but I've had some great feedback so far and would love to hear what you all think too!

You can stream it in all the usual places (soundcloud, youtube, spotify, apple etc.) here, so feel free to choose whichever site you find easiest (but the youtube links does also have videos/visuals that I made, if you fancy having something to look at while you listen):

Ngl it's been a little while since I posted in TPF and I'm gonna try to get back into it, so pleassee feel free to ask me any questions or request feedback, or ask me stuff about my production process etc., because I'll more than happily try to reply!

Ohhh, I also released a slightly more experimental single a little while ago, if you want to hear something a bit different... it's a fusion of classical, future bass and maybe grime?...I dunno, I wasn't really thinking in genres, but it might interest some of you, so feel free to check that out too! again, any feedback or questions would be awesommee and hit me up if you want any feedback in return!!

Thanks! Have an awesome day!!  :D

Yeah I can see what you mean Peteryunsie, I think I got a little obsessed with that synth, thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely watch out for stuff like that in the future!

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!!!  :D

Hey! So, I recently made a chilled out remix of Porter Robinson's Sad Machine and I'd love you to listen to it! Also, any feedback/tips would be awesome!!

Oh also, if you like it then hit the 'buy' button for a free download! ∆∆٩(◕‿◕)۶∆∆

Thanks a lot and enjoy!!

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