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Collaborations / Looking for an FL Studio user to share wisdom with!
« on: January 14, 2017, 05:56:52 am »
Artist Name: Wuu
Years Experience:3-5
DAW(s): FL 12
Genre: Bass Heavy

Other Genres:Deep / Dark / Light / Filthy / Trippy

Third-Party Plugins Used:Massive
Preferred Contact Method: SoundCloud, Facebook, Snapchat
Previous Work:

2 minds are always better than 1! Looking for someone to exchange project files with on FL. Deep minded individuals preferred! I like sound. I do not hate any style of music. I dislike vocals if they are about hurting or killing other people. Other than that my mind is beyond open! Send me a message on SoundCloud or hit me up on FB if you are interested in sharing wisdom! The goal is to create something unheard of :)

-Stay Human

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