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Mixing/Mastering / I need some serious help mixing ride cymbals
« on: March 10, 2017, 02:09:36 pm »
Hey, so I've tried layering, EQ notching out the harshness (I high pass everything 8khz up) de-essing, but somehow my cymbals always sound harsh or really weak. Anyone care to share the magic?

Hey guys,

 So I've been hassling you guys for help with professional sounding smooth white noise sweeps for a while now and I figured it out today, thought I'd make an imgur album for you in case you're interested.

Sound Design / Bass morphing for Progressive Trance
« on: December 11, 2016, 03:06:46 pm »
Anyone know any good techniques? I've been designing my own morphing bass in Serum and automating macros but I've heard reaktor is a good way to go, I'm trying to emulate sunny lax's new tracks like this one

So I want to bounce my tracks to audio but have the midi/plugin tracks backed up somehow in case I want to go back and edit the progression.


Like in this track, it starts right on the riser

I'm trying to emulate this kind of style for my new tracks, what would you suggest I do using the LFO's, filters and envelopes in Serum to get something close?

Thanks for the help!

He uses them in the intros of both these tracks

Everything's A Lie

All of my attempts sound clunky and not smooth, any tips on how he may have layered/compressed his sounds to achieve this sound?

Please assist its driving me bonkers!

Let me know what you think, be a dick if need be that's how I'll get better

I used kontakt as a sampler for my snare sample, dragged it into the initial window and layered it with some other snare sampled, cropped and faded the snare layers as needed in kontakt, volume balanced in kontakt and then put a drum script on each one using contacts drum scripts which gives it a human touch and then adjusted the lower frequency cut up slightly as the roll progressed and the higher frequency cut slightly lower in my EQ plugin.  Kontakt is the shit I didn't realize it could be used as a sampler like that! Lets you sculpt every aspect

Then add Logics Overdrive or something similar

I'm struggling making one that stays punchy and balanced and doesn't sound too robotic, it usually starts to sound washed out by the time it hits 32nd notes, doesn't matter what my snare drum sounds like they all seem to do it. I've tried using straight audio samples, kontakt as a sampler, EQ filtering etc. Is there a technique that humanized without me manually adjusting the velocity of each note? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

I'm producing progressive house/trance snare roll style wise

Hey guys, having difficulty getting clear airy trance vocals, this is my first attempt at a full vocal track. I have a wicked high quality acapella I found but it seems to get muddied in the chords even after EQing, sparingly used reverb, parallel compression etc.

What FX chain do you put on your vocal bus or vocal tracks!

Also looking for a possible FX chain list for Wide powerful chords, strong present leads as well if you got them

My style is similar to Ilan Bluestone or any of the harder Anjunabeats artists

I've been playing around with it all day, the Valhalla plate reverb seems to add a click post bass note even after playing with the note release settings, any suggestions?

Help please, can't seem to find a similar plugin

Help, do I need to change the settings somehow?

Sound Design / EQing in white noise with supersaw chords, advice?
« on: September 28, 2016, 01:20:13 am »
Hey guys, so I have about 4-5 layers of different synths EQ'd to fit together and they sound great, but once I try to add white noise to it the white noise sounds narrow and punches even though I've used dimension expander, experimented with reverbs, chorus, delays, sends etc and it doesn't get better

Please help!

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