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Collaborations / Looking for a Partner to work with/learn from
« on: March 01, 2017, 11:13:20 am »
Subject: I have multiple interest really, mostly in like Future Bass, D&B, Funk, Indiepop, SynthWave, really I hate this whole "genre" thing, I just want to make a track that has it' own personality. My Music on my Soundcloud is all experimental and when I first started you'll notice it was all rushed now I just have snippets, but my writing has improved a lot, I really only have 3 tracks that I would consider tracks

Artist Name: New Gravity
Years Experience: 2 Years, are they a good 2 years? kinda I learned a lot on my own
DAW(s): Logic Pro X
Genre: Future Bass
Other Genres: Future Bass, Drumste honestly, I don't know how to label the music style since the style I'd like to produce sounds so unique, example Grant, WRLD, San Holo, Oh Wonder, What So Not, Lemaitre, Manilla Killa etc
Third-Party Plugins Used: Serum, Massive, Spire, Expand2, Diva
Preferred Contact Method: PM me on the forums, or My Soundcloud or My Twitter (This is my personal but I don't mind really)

Previous Work: SoundCloud

Sound Design / Re: Massive Polarity change
« on: November 23, 2016, 10:11:57 am »
So there's no hot key for that? Also I can't find that menu.... where would it be under?

Sound Design / Lo-Fi Hip-hop??
« on: November 23, 2016, 09:55:23 am »
What even is it? Like what is the general design of it??? I know nothing of it & would like to incorporate some of it's style into a more modern scene but without obstructing it's essence, does it just have a high cut filter slapped on everything or?? I'm i'm not mistaken Uppermost used it's style in one of his tracks?


(this is low-life hip-hop if you're unaware of the style)

Sound Design / Massive Polarity change
« on: November 18, 2016, 10:40:11 pm »
So this is a really dumb question, in Serum I can toggle polarity from unipolar to bipolar with a hot key of Shift+Alt but in massive I completely forgot how to do this and I've been looking for a good 1 hour trying to find how to change the modulation to unipolar instead of having it go both ways, so as a last resort I'm on here, can someone please redirect me and just please tell me the hot key for this in massive lol thanks

WIPs / So I made this small snippet
« on: November 17, 2016, 03:48:02 am »
I want to develop it to a sorts of mix of Drum & Bass with a fusion of Future Bass like this I'll link

Koven - Breathing Me In

This track is mine, I was wondering if I can get ideas on how to improve it, to me it feel like it's too fast, and While I'm at 150bpm, I feel other tracks at this temp are slower and my small snip is too fast paced or is it just me? I'm trying to aim for more of the D&B feel with Future Bass mixed but I don't want to turn down the temp at the same time?

Sound Design / Re: Layering chords (how much is too much if any)
« on: October 27, 2016, 08:06:55 pm »
well for example the 1 Chord for C major, thats 1 3 5 notes

you have C E and G, you can have the 7th or something so C E G B

id say 4/5 notes can chord to get going, but you'd need the topline melody also

but also depends on what you are making? what are you making?

So, I'm trying to create Future Bass if you will, tho a lot of people say big artist create simple chords but frankly I find those sounds boring, so then I instead of playing a 7th I like to play compound intervals & then add my chord or 7th which ever I think sounds better, but then when I go to take it to Serum and then create my sound it ends up being mucky

There's this tip I got from Madeon's AMA that I found really helpful:

Q: How do you keep all the highs in your synths and drums so clear without them blurring together uncohesevely?
A: Avoid redundancy - There's no need to have two simultaneous chorded instruments with loud highs.

Doesn't really pertain to "how many" layers, but just something I like to keep in mind when it comes to layering in general :)

See I didn't know that he did that I was always under the idea YOU HAVE to have the same chords with loud high I had no idea he used different chords on top of others if I'm reading this correctly =0

Sound Design / Layering chords (how much is too much if any)
« on: October 27, 2016, 10:36:05 am »
So usually I hav to 4 layers of chords or more that are made of 7 chords to try and create a "new sound" but I end up using to much CPU so I can evener hear I was wondering if I'm overdoing it? I'm trying to create a Conro style or Illenium chords which sound as if they layer heavily tho I could be wrong any tips would help, it's been 3 years and just now I'm barely fully understanding now how to sound design, compose and such =)

Samples/Plugins/Software/Gear / Computer for music production
« on: October 27, 2016, 10:30:02 am »
So really basic question but, I'm currently running a mac, and well I have trouble making any kind of sound because a lot of CPU is used with this mac from like 2009, so I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good pc or mac or even specs that would accommodate me as a person who uses up to 5 no more that 7 chords at once and loves to play around with FX and modulation to make my tracks and also I create duplicate of the one chords alone on top of melodies....

WIPs / Never Be Like You WIP
« on: June 11, 2016, 08:34:15 pm »
So I was wondering if anyone would care to have a listen a very early stage of this track, help me add anything really, I'm going for, from kind of "personality" the chord and notes have is a Future Bass, Dubstep or Trap thing maybe another genre I just can't hear yet, but can you guys guide me in building my first real track? thanks if you do and if you don't thanks as well

Sound Design / Vocals Samples, Pitch
« on: May 16, 2016, 09:44:32 pm »
I was working with Serum & realized though youtube you could drag samples into the noise oscillator & change the pitch but I couldn't figure out how I could change the pitch without affecting the speed of the sample or the tempo whatever you want to call it, so I was wondering how I could achieve the low then to high pitch voice effect using Serum or other Vst's or Au's. I'll post a track with the effect so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about (it's not the vocoded part btw) it's when it's stuttering for the first link. Also I've been trying to learn how to do this effectively for the longest time now, but failed & I'm getting really annoyed by it =/ cause when I try to remix a song I try to twist it up with vocals but I don't know how...anyways thanx in advance

This one might be a better example for the voice pitch effect I'm trying to explain

I know what is, like it's like Drum & Bass mixed with Dubstep is what it sounds to me right? But like I believe it follows a a 150 bpm right? How are the kicks drums set up on the down beat or? I was hoping someone could show me a visual and explain to me what it is any example would be greatly appreciated and any other advice you'd like to add would be awesome too!


Well This is How I structure I'll add the link too

Composition/Arrangement/Theory / Re: Writing Music
« on: April 17, 2016, 01:05:05 am »
I have its in one of the comments I posted a souncloud =)

Inspiration/Creativity/Motivation / Re: Grit NPR article
« on: April 13, 2016, 03:01:39 am »
Every single day from the time I go to sleep to the time I wake up it haunts my head in repetitive motion. How do I get better, improve..? It's come to the point where it's all I can think of the entire day without rest even when I eat hell when I sleep I dream of it...I don't know if this obsession to become better even greater than I was yesterday every single day is healthy or not but, I like it.... would this be a problem then?

Composition/Arrangement/Theory / Re: Writing Music
« on: April 13, 2016, 02:31:11 am »
Well first of all, you guys have no idea how much this helps & means to me and I'd like to say thank you :) also I'd like to observe a friend but I'm the only one in this town who cares about music this much and takes 9 hours out of his life & struggles to do this I'd spend more but I have work & will go back to school to take a class on Music Theory. Also I got a hold of Madeon beings Midi and Imperium & I'm observing & building a song with the same intro chorus, but with my own notes own writing based on the writing I get from his midi, I'm reading the scale he is in and how he's mixing it, I'm just using his midi as a guide basically to build my own song so if he adds an arp in a cesarian area I add an arp, If he post chords over and arp I add chords etc. One day I hope to produce something as marvelous as A&B, Zedd, Matt Zo, Flume, Mitis etc but yeah thanks for your guys help

So everyone can improve too! :)

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