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Finished Tracks / VNCE - Luna (Extended Mix)
« on: April 26, 2017, 05:47:44 am »
Hey guys. Good day. Just got finish my newest single "Luna". I hope you guys like it :)

Hello everyone. I'm Vincent Lim from Philippines. You can call me as VNCE and I do electronic music since when im the middle schoole, like almost 5-6 years now. I'm also known as VMaestro, currently sign on a independent record label, but i'm not really known enough because of the lack of funds to promote myself, thats kinda sad. But anyways, i'm still making music and I dont know if you guys can find it pretty good enough.

I have my own type of mixing and mastering and I truly rely on my ears :) but yeah, I came here so that maybe I could learn more, adjust or share some tips as well :)

I'm 19 btw. I'm a huge fan of Avicii. I'm into Progressive and Electro genre, still learning new stuffs and other sub-genres of EDM. I really like to meet you all, work with and talk with :)

Have a nice day guys! :)

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