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Title: How to not get demotivated by college?
Post by: from nowhere on March 11, 2019, 10:28:49 pm
Might sound stoopid but sometimes going to college makes me feel demotivated (also related to not be studying something I really like or at least Im interested in)
I know it shouldn't stop me from doing what I like and pursuing what I want to achieve. Even if it pulls me apart from music sometimes (you know, exams and boring stuff).( Ahhh why didn't I start earlier and were more focused )
 I just wanna see and feel in college how my friends do  :-\

Have you ever experienced something similar?
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Title: Re: How to not get demotivated by college?
Post by: iamtesko on March 18, 2019, 01:56:13 pm
just finished school in December here and I can definitely say it gets a lot easier when you're out of school. I realized tht there were just going to be some time periods where I cannot really sit down and have dedicated time for music because I have too many assignments due for the week (or something).

I really feel for you. Id say what got me through it (admittedly) was knowing when I could take a hit not doing an assignment for a not so important class and using my slower weeks to go hard. That being said keep in mind if you go too hard you might be fatigued once you have to go hard for school again.

Also I'm slowly starting to feel this more and more over time, but there's more to life than music. Shocker, I know. I used to romanticize the idea of sleeping on a floor and having just enough to do music all day but now I'm so glad I have decent income working at a job that treats me well while I work on my craft on the side. It sure beats doing shit jobs and it's given me a bit more flexibility to not have to hop onto every money opportunity I get for once and work on my own music